Faux Bamboo Pagoda Mirror
This gorgeous pagoda mirror is perfect for any room of your home. This piece features a solid mahogany wood frame...
$899.00 $720.00
Chippendale Dining Chair
A stunning classic design, this beautiful white Chippendale dining chair is perfect to add to your dining table. It features mahogany...
$499.00 $320.00
Rectangle Rattan Tray
This serving tray would be perfect for serving food on your beach house! Measures: Large: 61 x 41 x 10.5cm...
$50.00 $42.00
Cherry Blossom Jug
This beautiful jug has a pretty cherry blossom pattern all over. It is great for fresh cut flowers or to serve...
$55.00 $25.00
Cabbage Ware Dinner Plate
This gorgeous tableware by Bordallo Pinheiro is a classic and perfect plate for your next dinner party! Measures: 26.5cm in diameter...
$65.00 $58.50
Medium and Large Cabbage Ware Platter
The perfect entertaining plate all year round! A classic staple by a renowned maker. Measures: Medium 37.5cm wide Large 43cm wide...
$120.00 $108.00
Blue and White Ming Jug
This gorgeous jug has a lovely pattern all over. It is perfect for flowers or to use for your next...
$45.00 $33.00
Planter Blue and White Blossom 2 Sizes
This piece would be perfect for your plants! Measures: 25cm Limited quantities available at sale price!
$45.00 $32.00
Turnip table lamp
Blue and white table lamp with white lamp shade. Features gorgeous paisley pattern all over. Measures 20cm tall to top...
$125.00 $80.00
Silver Plated Bamboo Frame
The picture frame you need for your favorite pictures! Measures: Small: 4 x 6 inches Large: 5 x 7 inches...
$30.00 $25.00
Blue and White Temple Jar Lotus
This is an elegant, beautiful ginger jar. It has a gorgeous paisley pattern all over. Measures: 46cm tall Only two...
$115.00 $95.00
Ginger Blue and White Bloom
An elegant jar that is not only perfect for storing things but will serve as a beautiful decor for your...
$45.00 $33.00
Blue & White Toile Ginger Jar
This gorgeous large ginger jar is perfect for any blue and white lover. It has a beautiful pattern all which is...
$135.00 $90.00
Cabbage Ware Bowl
We love collecting Cabbage Ware or looking to start off your collection? You can't go passed these stunning Cabbage Ware...
$45.00 $40.50
Plate Blue and White Rectangle #1
A beautiful piece that would make as an elegant decor for your home! Measures: 23cm Only one available at sale...
$35.00 $24.00
Lampbase Blue and White Turnip
Sold Out
A lamp full of grandeur and will surely add beauty to your home. Does not include lamp shade.  Lamp base...
$170.00 $120.00
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